Aluminium shutters

Painted aluminium shutters

Sicura Srl based in Castel Mello, in the province of Brescia has specialised in the production and sale of painted aluminium shutters for more than thirty years. For all of our products, except for the adjustable and Minipack models, painting is executed when the models are already assembled in order to provide greater resistance to atmospheric phenomena such as rain, snow and wind. Specifically, the models produced by Sicura Srl are:

  • traditional shutters
  • solid-shutters
  • folding shutters
  • special shutters
  • accessories.

As for the shutters, there are three series available:

  • 2000 Series: outline profiles with 38x60 sash section and 15mm jamb, with the possibility of installation with hinges, 3 or 4 side frame or sliding guide
  • PLUS Series: outline profiles with 38x60 sash section and increased frames of 25 or 18mm, 120mm lower base and they can be installed with hinges or 3 or 4 side frame.
  • 30 Series: rounded outline shutter profile with 30x60mm subsequently slotted section for sheet insertion, installation only possible with hinges.
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