Our products

Manufacture of bespoke shutters

  • Painted aluminium shutters

  • production of bespoke shutters for a villa in Brescia

  • bespoke shutters Sicura Srl

  • production of shutters for houses in Brescia

  • shutters for doors and windows in aluminium

  • traditional grey shutters

  • Sicura Srl shutters for arched doors

  • brown painted door shutters

  • aluminium shutters for buildings

In over thirty years of activity, Sicura Srl based in Castel Mello, in the province of Brescia, has dealt with a myriad of cases and work sites for the production of bespoke shutters for different types of properties, from large buildings to villas and cottages. The expert team at Sicura Srl is capable of proposing the best solution for different needs and producing various models of shutters that, besides being beautiful to look at, are also resistant to wear over time and functional.

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